Smartphones to Tiny Android Device

WorldFirst Tiny Android Device  sends Short Messages from Smartphones to Android Users pre-set 12 hours in advance

Create promotional messages & links to broadcast to nearby Bluetooth enabled Android phones & devices.

Carry a GO from ASIRVIA in your car, overseas, home, in the street, in the shop. Those nearby you will see your offers, or link to them on the net.  They are  sent day & night while you are  walking driving, sleeping. Scheduled in advance.

You get Instant recurring commissions : your bosses get more business simply from sharing the products/companies /opportunities with everyone around you in real time.

Whatever your business or Cause –  companies promote Events, Sales, Gigs, Taxis, Auctions, Services, Real Estate Listings, Fundraising, Announcements, Affiliate Offers Etc. – YOUR MARKETING FOLLOWS YOU

$25 PER MONTH $25USD per month per Unit Bought

Instant Recurring Commissions of 5%-10% from CUSTOMERS’ Purchases