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Nu-core® have gained the reputation of being the leading producers of A Grade fire rated

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Safe sustainable solutions once these high risk buildings have been targeted for re-cladding

Nu-core® is a geo-composite core facade material designed by and for architects. Since the early development of architectural composites in the 1970’s, very little has evolved in regards to safer, more sustainable, pre-finished composite façade materials, until now.

Project Recore® has been established to help provide, building owners, architects, engineers, safe sustainable solutions once these high risk buildings have been targeted for re-cladding.
Backed by advanced material production, and engineering, that meet international building codes.

Comprising of cellulose and mineral materials, reinforced by a visible matrix.

This significant advancement provides for safer, more stable building skins for all architectural building types, internally or externally.

The Nu-core® material comes in a maximum panel size of 1.55m x 8m, and can be fabricated into any size or shape, in factory or on-site. Concealed fixed with visible or invisible fixings, rain screen or curtain wall, exploring the design options with Nu-core® is endless.

Meeting todays architectural demands, comes with careful collaboration with the leading paint producers and raw metal suppliers. Colourful options through our partners at P.P.G Pittsburgh Paints, or for a more natural metal aesthetic with Copper and Brass from Finland, unique 25um Anodising from Australia, Natural or pigment infused Zinc from Spain, Mirror or Brushed finish 316Grade Stainless Steel.

We allow architects to be as expressive as possible, whilst ensuring our Nu-core® substrate base materials offer a safer more sustainable wall cladding for it’s building occupants.


Since the launch of Aluminium composite materials, more than forty years ago, there have been many hundreds of buildings clad with Aluminium composite panels. These early grade composite materials are considered highly fire hazardous materials, and have attributed to numerous building fires across the globe. When exposed to open flame, these materials have proven to combust and propagate at extremely fast speeds.