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GMOs ARE POISON Genetically Modified From 2000 – 2017

GMOs ARE POISON. People and animals that eat genetically modified food16 crops are consuming high levels of toxic glyphosate herbicide. There is an unholy marriage of toxic Glyphosate herbicide and foods genetically engineered to tolerate large doses of it. It’s silently poisoning our land, food, and US! When you impact the global food supply 27, you impact every human being on Earth 21. GMOs may pose a serious and unprecedented threat to humanity, the long-term effects of which we have yet to understand.




There is no debate that GMOs and the chemicals sprayed on them result in some level irreversible impact and adverse health effects.  High-level, well credentialed experts disagree on the safety and efficacy of genetically modified products and the chemicals sprayed on them. Conclusion:

Therefore, the use of GMOs should be severely scrutinized and all products containing GMOs should be labeled as such.


There is an urgent cultural problem where billions of dollars of corporate interest have collided with public policy resulting in a malicious conflict of interest causing an unprecedented threat to farming practices and global food supply. The uninhibited truth must be shared worldwide. GMOs Revealed exists as a courageous beacon of light to dig deep into the GMO controversy, ask the hard questions, seek expert answers, and share it freely throughout the world. Through disciplined thinking and positive activism, we will create unprecedented consumer awareness around matters that significantly concern the health of individuals and families everywhere.


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…genetically modified plants created by combining DNA to improve crop protection and insect resistance.

What They’re Not Telling Us

Finally, closely-guarded secrets of the world’s biggest environmental disaster are revealed.


People and animals that eat genetically modified food crops are consuming high levels of the toxic glyphosate herbicide.


FACT: The National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy estimates that 85% of U.S. corn is genetically modified. Other widely modified crops include canola oil, alfalfa and sugar beets.

FACT: GMOs are banned in 27 countries. Also, in 61 countries foods must be labeled as being genetically modified – but not in the U.S.

FACT: Glyphosate, the chemical originally developed to de-scale pipes, boilers and metals, is now used to KILL plants. What’s more, it is found in 75% of processed foods.

Global Leaders in the fields of medicine, law, agriculture and politics share their unique expertise as they explain the complex relationship between bacteria, soil, and your body.

Discover how Big Agriculture and companies like Monsanto have drastically influenced agriculture in America, leading to corrupt, inhumane and toxic farming practices.

The Mission Behind GMOs Revealed

No genetically modified crops were grown in the U.S. as recently as 1980. However, in 2007, 142 million acres were planted. Worldwide, the total was 282 million acres.

Imagine what it is today?

When the global food supply is contaminated, it impacts every one.  There is evidence to suggest that GMOs pose a serious, irreversible and unprecedented threat to humanity with catastrophic, the long-term effects.

Would you contaminate your child’s food with potentially harmful chemicals?

Of course not!

You diligently protect your family from any toxic substances by locking harmful chemicals and dangerous products out of reach.

But… what if the toxins secretly slip onto your plate, right under your nose… looking like any other food?

One of the biggest environmental disasters of humankind is the poison that is leeching into our food supply.

What’s more, the poison comes from Glyphosate… the chemical in Roundup.

GMOs Revealed exposes the toxic, vicious and constant cycle between Glyphosate and “Roundup resistant” engineered crops designed to survive large doses of the chemical that kills plants on contact!

FACT: The glyphosate levels in some EPA approved foods contain 400 times the amount known to cause damage.

Don’t you deserve to know what is in the food you feed your family?

GMOs Revealed shares the real, untold, shocking truth behind genetically engineered foods and the chemicals in them.

Not only that, Glyphosate may just be the tip of the dangerous GMO iceberg.

FACT: More GMOs means more chemical use. Many GMO crops are engineered to resist certain weed killers, the weeds and insects eventually evolve to be resistant to those chemicals… leading to more harsher chemicals being used.

Our mission is to break through the silence and bring vital information to every household, so you can choose what goes on your plate.

FACT: Monsanto is the largest seed company in the world and owns over 90% of all genetically engineered seeds in the U.S. In addition, Monsanto is the manufacturer of Roundup, which is the trade name for Glyphosate.

We want to bring you the facts, but Monsanto would rather keep the real reports on how their products affect your food, your health and the environment away from you.

Silent Killer Attacking Your Body

GMOs Revealed exposes the toxic, vicious and constant cycle between Glyphosate and “Roundup resistant” engineered crops designed to survive large doses of the chemical that kills plants on contact!

We’ll explain how consuming this hidden poison in our foods damages your body, causing an epidemic of disease that is escalating with the increased use of Roundup.

What’s even worse is that the risks don’t end there.

The new GMO developments have the potential to mute your genes… which can cause health issues to pass genetically to your future generations!

You can’t afford to stay in the dark about the dangers of GMOs That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with this essential information free so you can protect your family before it is too late. Join Us In Exposing The Revealing The Facts About GMOs.

As the percentage of our GMO crops continues to skyrocket, manufacturers and the mainstream media work harder to hide their alarming reports.

These reports reveal that GMOs are unsafe, are the cause of an impending environmental disaster and the real reason behind the global health crisis.

You must be informed about the disturbing truth, so you can protect your family. That’s why we are bringing you this crucial information for FREE.

GMOs Revealed is a breakthrough documentary series developed by experts in the field, available one episode at a time for nine days. You have 24 hours to view each episode.

Find out the truth about GMOs when you join us for this worldwide free event.

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GMOs Revealed is finally exposing the disturbing truth about the serious risks both GMOs and Glyphosate pose to your health and to the environment.

Delivered by researchers, scientists, and world renowned experts from around the world, this high quality, beautifully produced documentary series will change the way you think about the food on your plate.